The Gateway Health Clinic offers practitioners that make custom treatment plans using complementary, integrative and holistic medicine. This helps patients maintain good health, treat illnesses and diagnose disease. 

Many of our patients find us when they are unable to find answers or nothing else works to treat their symptoms. Many of these common symptoms range from weight gain, difficulties loosing weight, insomnia to fatigue. Although these symptoms appear common, not all treatments work for each patient. This makes each patient unique.

Different approaches to medicine provides unique treatment options for patients. It also helps practitioners focus on patients as a whole, instead of the holes in the patient. This helps treat the patient, and not the disease. 

Complementary medicine is one of these approaches that is used with conventional medicine. The aim here is to prevent and treat disease, while improving a patients general health and well being. As an example, a provider may prescribe antibiotics to treat infectious the infectious strep a bacteria while recommending probiotics to help promote digestive health.

Integrative medicine is one other approach that combines conventional and non-conventual medicine as part of a treatment plant. In this approach, the patient and practitioner both work as partners in the healing process. Alike complementary, less invasive, but effective procedures are used. As an example, a provider may recommend massage therapy or acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain. This approach helps better manage symptoms and improve the quality life of a patient.

Last, environmental medicine also takes into consideration the interaction between the patient and the environment. As an example, in rare cases patients symptoms are directly caused by an elemental toxic exposure or pollutant.